Birthing the Dream

Woman in Labor

I had been told that when the time came, I needed to be walking to and fro as much as possible. Being quite literal, that’s exactly what I did. On that morning, my husband Chris and I went for the routine morning walk in preparation for delivery. A pain kept presenting after every ten minutes but I ignored it. After all, it felt like the usual crumps accompanying the monthly cycle every woman goes through. This was not new at all! Of course Chris wanted us to go to the hospital immediately but I reminded him rather firmly that the experts said first pregnancy labor took hours, sometimes up to 48 hours. I was not willing to go spend my precious time in a hospital for all that time.

I paced the whole day up until about 5pm when I thought it a good idea to go to our good friends’ house and play piano as a way of distracting myself from the discomfort. (Laughable in retrospect!) Just before we left the house, my waters broke! Just like that. No words can appropriately describe the 4 hours that followed.  The baby was coming out, hook or crook. My husband drove like a madman through the traffic and I still wanted him to speed up. On arrival at the hospital, the nurse announced that I was going through what is called precipitated labor, the kind that progresses real fast from 0 to 10 cm dilation. With every birth pang, the strength that was going through my body is the kind Chris says could move a stuck truck! I remember during the delivery of our second child, I carried Chris and the doctor with both my hands off the floor!

On both occasions, after much sweat, screams, broken toilet seats, no more covering for privacy, midwife pressing my upper tummy to aid the child’s delivery, doctor’s orders, lots of blood, stitches, name it, the ordeal ended. Thankfully, it ended with a child in arms, joy indescribable from relief that it was finally over and looking forward to the fact that now I could sleep comfortably through the night. Well, details of what happens after in the next episode.

Every one of us has a dream, never mind that our gestation periods are quite varied. Irrespective of how long you have nursed this idea, when it is time for the dream to be delivered, that’s it. A couple of things in my experience giving birth to children seem to be a direct parallel to the process of birthing dreams. Let’s draw some comparisons.

  1. A sense of agitation. When it is time to deliver, a woman will pace, sit, stand, bend, lie down, wash dishes, scrub the floor; name it. Some even rearrange the house, cook, pack and repack the hospital bag that had already been packed for weeks! There is just a sense of agitation. Nothing seems to settle or satisfy.

Do you feel agitated? Do you feel dissatisfied? Do you feel like it is time to jump? Maybe it is time to birth that dream. You have brooded over the matter, prayed, perhaps even fasted and now, it is time to push it out!

  1. Accelerated progress: With some exceptions, usually when it is time for a child to be born, the body system is designed to go through the delivery in a certain time period. In fact, beyond a couple of hours, the doctors will recommend a caesarean. The waters break, contractions kick into play and the usually composed woman suddenly becomes something else! She is bold, courageous and ready for the event. She is ready to push!

Your system is ready. You can feel a surge of energy flowing through you. It feels like there is no mountain insurmountable. All the blocks in the path appear conquerable! Suddenly, there is an inner courage that you have not experienced before. Everything around you fades. Both eyes are on the prize: The birth of the dream!

  1. Ready helping hands: The waters have broken and the contractions have kicked into play. Everyone around is suddenly in emergency mode. The baby is coming. Even the most unfriendly neighbor will get up from their closed curtains and get the woman to hospital. A taxi man will re-route and the passengers will be okay with it if a woman gets into sudden labor.

When it is time for your dream to be birthed, there are people who suddenly come to your service. They will stop their own programs, short and long term, to attend to you personally in whichever way they are able to at the moment. Some of them will do things they have never done before but they will do it anyway. Some people you will know personally and others not! Whichever way, the helping hands will be available.

  1. Professional helping hands: She arrives at the hospital. The receptionist quickly queues her in, the midwife and doctor on duty are informed. She is wheeled to the labor room which was ready for an incoming mother. When it came to the delivery moment, both my doctors said to me, “Lynnet, now the midwife is going to do her job!”. When it was all done, the doctors returned to do the stitching.

God has put in place professional people in to assist the delivery process of your dream. These are the people who know the ins and outs of what it is you have been dreaming of. They know what you are about to go through and they walk you through the process. On both occasions, I had a midwife literally push over my upper tummy as I gave my final push to have the baby out! They are there to push that dream out with you and clean up whichever messes may come along with it!

  1. Happily Thereafter: The baby is out. Everyone is celebrating. Messages are going around announcing the arrival of the bouncing baby. Flowers pour in. Guests are coming in and out. However, the mother now needs to learn how to feed (first time mothers) and a sense of being overwhelmed sometimes sets in. Yes, there is the relief of carrying this huge bump around but again, it is not as rosy as she had imagined. Colic effects, immunization appointments to keep up with, waking up in the night to feed, and sore breast tips are just a sneak peek into what the mother is experiencing! And this is just the beginning!

The dream has been born. You are excited! What you visualized has finally become reality. You have registered the company. The office is open. Word is out there. You wrote the music, went to studio, and now the album is out. You started that business, church, school, farming project, etc. You posted on face book and friends congratulated you. You are confident this is going to work out! Then suddenly, you are faced with the reality of nurturing this baby crying for everything ranging from hunger, heat, cold, and soiled diapers. It cries for everything! And you are thinking, how did I get myself here? You have mixed feelings because on one hand you are happy and on the other, you are so overwhelmed with the responsibility!

Can you imagine this is just the beginning? We are only at the point of birthing the dream and yet there are still years ahead of us to nurture the dream to maturity!