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Today I present to you Netanyahu: The Poet. Netanyahu Benjamin Ajiri is 11 years and in Grade 7. He loves rap and rhyming words. He writes;


If I were to go away

My last words would simply say

Or if I were to journey far

My brethren this is what I would say


I hope you prosper in this way

BE successful everyday

And when you don’t

May you remember He is the potter and you are the clay


May He lead you-not astray

And may He answer when you pray

May He guide you in your life

And on your deathbed where you lay


May you be alright, ‘I say’

May the sick get well ‘n’ okay

May no one have broken bones

Or fractures in their vertebrae


May the hurt go through today

Forget the sorrows of yesterday

Long for a better tomorrow

Humble their hearts and start to pray


May the LORD be your host

Fill your cup and plate and tray

Restore your heart with your desire

What you cannot ever pay


And for the wise whose heads are gray

May your robes-with scent and spray

Signature the LORD of night and day

Who made the sun and stars with say


And for the weak ‘n’ weary

Whom to their enemies are prey

May He lift you on eagle’s wings

Strong and straight as a mathematical ray


And for the captains at the bay

May you have good sailors, winds

A boat, cargo that is in good weigh

And an attitude that tells a captain, ‘Aye’


The last words I’ve really said

In memory of a song I did play

Remember me! Oh my brethren!

For the last line I choose to say!


#HarnessingGreatness.Raising Leaders.



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This week, I present to you Desiree: The Motivator.

Desiree Kainembabazi is 14 years old and in Grade 8. She is an incredible singer and loves to write songs, poems and to bake. This final piece is dedicated to every young girl;


I walk in a crowd

I see all eyes on me

I see faces change

And they all giggle


I go to the toilet

 I get the broken mirror

Girls gossiping like howling wind

Boys lips move like “What is this creature?

But only One gets the inner me

That is my Father God


You are my only wall

And steering wheel

I can change myself

But you will still know it is the same me


My estimate is zero

But yours to me is beyond the seven seas


Because I know

I am beautifully and wonderfully made by you

And hidden beauty

Is inside and outside me


#HarnessingGreatness.Raising Leaders

ABOUT LIFE: To a very special friend

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This week, I present to you Desiree: The Motivator.

Desiree Kainembabazi is 14 years old and in Grade 8. She is an incredible singer and loves to write songs, poems and to bake. In this article she is writing to a young friend who wants to take their own life;

Life is a tough journey.

It has three journeys; the start, the middle and the finish.

The start has an introduction to this life.

You seem so happy until the lies, deceit and rumors make noises in your face.

You want to get a dagger to end it, but hold up!

Stop there!

This world may trigger you and you may get harsh words.

Oh World! You can’t defeat me.

Your words mean nothing to my ears

Becuase I get motivation from the one who gave me this life.

That is; God.

Your words might hurt me.

Your comments may put a dagger in my hands

But I will drop that dagger and say;;

“The LORD is my shield, strength and comfort.

I came to live, not to die young

For God already healed my wounds.”


#HarnessingGreatness.Raising Leaders


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This week, I present to you Desiree: The Motivator. 

Desiree Kainembabazi is 14 years old and in Grade 8. She is an incredible singer and loves to write songs, poems and to bake. She writes;

A Giant I am

A Giant I will be

Overcoming temptations

Overcoming intimidations

Going through the mountains

Going through a wall of Jericho

Going through a Goliath in life

Building an ark to conquer that flood

And a winner I come out

An achiever I become and live as


Success is my middle name

I call to the LORD

And a giant I become the more

Death, failure, witchcraft and possessions

Are not in my vocabulary and life

Because of Jehovan Jireh

Jehovah Nissi

And all glorious names

I am a giant when I face my battles

With only the beginning of my life

He shall forever always be.

#HarnessingGreatness.Raising Leaders.

HARVEST ACADEMY: In the beginning…

Tr. RebeccaTr. AngellaTr. DoreenTr. CathyTr. DianaTr. Johnny

When Chris and I decided to homeschool our children in 2010, I had no idea the kind of journey I had just subscribed to by saying yes to that call. With all the doubts and fears, I took the leap of faith to instruct two precious ones at home with an understanding that I was committing to two children for the next 12-15 years of my life. How wrong!

Warning signs began to show when I had friends express interest in entrusting their children with us in the homeschool. As you can imagine, I would not hear of it. At the time, I felt like two children were ENOUGH! Four hours a day of questions, energy, life and exploration with a two year and a five year old daily was enough to make me break sweat without a jog! Lemuel is always experimeting with anything ranging from collecting insects, creating mixtures of harpic, jik, dissolvved soap, perfume, omo, and baking powder, small time hiome made bombs from the black substance on a matchstick, electrical experments and anything else he can land his hands on. And he has managed to recruit his meticulous and organised sister into the mix. To imagine that I can multiply that by 20, 50, 100, 200 or more students with time was not a welcome idea. At all!

But God has this incredible sense of humor. Being heavily involved on leadership team, I was very aware that Worship Harvest had a plan to start a school in response to the fifth global giant: Illiteracy. Every time our Lead Pastor Moses talked about it, I got extremely  agitated with conviction to step up to the challenge: Lead the education part of the church vision. As if that was not enough, for about a year every time I arrived at Worship Harvest Naalya for garage, a swarm of children run to me automatically. If they arrived later than I did, they came to me to say hello before they settled in their seat. Well, eventually I said yes and the journey began.

Today, I look back on 2014 in amazement at how far we have come. I did respond to the call to think beyond our two-student homeschool and chose to believe that God indeed knows the end from the beginning. For the next three weeks, I will be giving you a sneak peak into the world through the eyes of some of our students who make me absolutely proud. I am forever thankful that I said yes to the call to Harness the Greatness in every child and raise them to be leaders that transform their communities.

To begin with, I would like to celebrate the amazing laides and one young man who literally gave their lives, time, resources, sweat, tears, homes, name it to set this ball rolling. They were there in the beginning when we ferried saucepans, plates, cups, buckets, and all kinds of kitchen equipment to keep in the office because the kitchen itself was not ready. They were there in the beginning when all of us did everything-recieve children, go to the bank, go to the market fo shopping, cook the children’s meals, wash dishes, take them swimming (all of us apart from the chef went along), cleaning our three calssrooms and so many other activities involved in setting up a new school. We have weathered all kinds of storms together and we have shared intense joys together as well (I will never forget the kitagururo dance we had in the office on the last day of the first year!)

Rebecca, Angella, Doreen, Cathy, Diana, and Johnny: You are my superwomen and superman. It would have not been the same without you. I am absolutely proud of you. You have made Harvest Academy shine and this story can never be told without your names being printed on the very first pages because you were there….. In the beginning!



Today I celebrate 24 years of an active vibrant relationship with the lover of my soul, my best friend: Jesus Christ.

It was one afternoon in the Bweranyangi G. S.S.S Old Dining Hall (ODH as we dearly referred to it) when I could not deny the tenderly strong urgency in my heart to walk forward in response to the call to nearly 600 girls to give our lives to Christ. A group of born again boys from Ntare School were concluding a play about Jesus with the actor walking to the edge of the stage with arms stretched out towards the audience. They had excellently displayed the sacrifice Jesus went through on the cross just so we could be reconciled to God. The image that stays with me to date is the scars of the nails that were driven through His hands.

I knew in that moment that I needed to walk forward. There was a witness deep within that truly “Jesus Loves Me!” My response to the call was not one of the fear of hell, but rather one of the beloved who suddenly comes fact to face with the magnetic power of love. Like the Shulamite, I could hear His voice drawing me to Himself, inviting me to come away with Him and I was totally taken.

The voice of my beloved!

Behold, he comes

Leaping upon the mountains,

Skipping upon the hills.

My beloved spoke, and said to me.

‘Rise up, my love, my fair one,

And come away.’

My beloved is mine and I am his.

He feeds his flock among the lilies”

Song of Solomon 2:8, 10, 16


24 years later, the first words I heard from the lover of my soul this morning were;

“Remember throughout today that I love you. Meditate on it. Think about it. Reflect on it. I love you.

So if you meet me today, chances are rather high that I will be singing the old powerful Sunday school song:

Yes! Jesus loves me!

Yes! Jesus loves me!

Yes! Jesus loves.

The bible tells me so.



A lot has been said and written about wealth and financial resource but I find one story in Genesis chapter 41 quite intriguing. This young guy named Joseph has been through hell on earth and back. He thought he had a glimpse of his bright future but the dreams disappear in thin air when his brothers sell him off into slavery. A glimmer of hope – gaining favor while working for Potiphar for whom he had interpreted a dream – is cut off when Potiphar’s wife accuses him of attempted rape.

To cut the long story short, Joseph winds up before Pharoah from yet another prison; again to interprete a dream. God honors him with an opportunity to speak incredible wisdom to Pharoah, the kind which eventually saved the nation. By what I believe was God’s ordaining, Pharoah appoints Joseph second in command to himself ensuring that he in charge of implementing this directive.

What follows is nothing short amazing!

47 Now in the seven plentiful years the ground brought forth abundantly. 48 So he gathered up all the food of the seven years which were in the land of Egypt, and laid up the food in the cities; he laid up in every city the food of the fields which surrounded them. 49 Joseph gathered very much grain, as the sand of the sea, until he stopped counting, for it was immeasurable.

Genesis 41:47-49 (NKJV)

Can you imagine that scenario?

The one common thread in all financial literacy programs is the need to set aside a portion of one’s income for investment. This recommended percentage usually varies on average between 10-20% which allows one to have room for meeting daily needs. Three things stand out for me in Joseph’s story;

  1. Joseph recommended a 20% saving and a specific period in which Pharoah was to follow this saving plan.

34 Let Pharaoh do this, and let him appoint officers over the land, to collect one-fifth of the produce of the land of Egypt in the seven plentiful years. 

  1. Joseph had a specific system in place for the saving plan.

35 And let them gather all the food of those good years that are coming, and store up grain under the authority of Pharaoh, and let them keep food in the cities. 

  1. Joseph had a specific reason for the saving;

36 Then that food shall be as a reserve for the land for the seven years of famine which shall be in the land of Egypt, that the land may not perish during the famine.”

I do believe with all my heart that there is a place of such abundance that it is no longer necessary to count. However, we need to recognize that there are years of counting behind the scenes. Years of faithfulness with the resources God gives us, whether a little or much. It is true that there are fundamental disciplines we need to observe in order to reap the best, disciplines like tithe, first fruits and giving. That said, there is a place of faithfulness, consistency, and sheer discipline with our finances. Many of us will listen to teachings on finances and get quite excited. We will go for that seminar, read the book, listen to the preacher, play like cash flow with friends, etc. We leave determined to put into practice whatever it is that we learnt from the experience. Then after a few days, weeks and months, we lose the gusto for different reasons.

Here are a few questions to ponder on from Joseph’s story;

# Do I have a specific percentage you are setting aside for saving?

#Do I have a specific period during which I am going to be saving?

# Are my reasons for saving very clear?

# Do I have systems (however basic in place which I am following? Who am I accountable to? Who is overseeing this project (accountability), where does the money go (bank account?) and how often?

22 Though you grind a fool in a mortar with a pestle along with crushed grain,
Yet his foolishness will not depart from him.

23 Be diligent to know the state of your flocks,
And attend to your herds;
24 For riches are not forever,
Nor does a crown endure to all generations.
25 When the hay is removed, and the tender grass shows itself,
And the herbs of the mountains are gathered in,
26 The lambs will provide your clothing,
And the goats the price of a field;
27 You shall have enough goats’ milk for your food,
For the food of your household,
And the nourishment of your maidservants.

Proverbs 27:22-27