One Life. One Shot. Part 2/4


Each one of us has been assigned a set number of days by God which days were already written in His book. I would like to propose that because of this you and I cannot afford to live fwaa! That just really means living aimlessly, without purpose, without goals, just eat, sleep, use the toilet, and then repeat the above type of life! Your life and mine must count! On March 5, 2017 I turned 38 and as expected, I had moments of reflection about my life particularly about the fact that if I am to live up to age 70, then I only have 32 years to go! Can you imagine? And by the way anything beyond that will be a bonus. Extra time, for the football lovers. A whole 38 years have expired. There is no turning back. There are no U-turns in life. That’s it. Done. 38 years stamped and sealed. File closed. The challenge to me now is how am I going to live for the rest of my life? The clock is ticking. I have only one life to live and I had better make it count.

So, how do we make this one life count? Yes, the numbers of days are set. Yes, the clock is ticking. Yes, there’s no turning back. Now what?

# Embrace your YOU

The journey of making our lives count begins with you intentionally embracing you. This applies to your whole self – your physical make up, your background, where you were born, the schools you went to, your parents, siblings, extended family, your history, your story, your tendencies whether as a result of circumstances you went through or otherwise. It all begins with you embracing you!

Psalm 139:13-14

“For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb.

I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.”

God formed our inward parts. Every detail about you was deliberately designed by the creator Himself. Then the scripture goes on to say He covered us in our mothers’ wombs. The picture in my mind is a mother hen sitting over the eggs she has laid. She literally covers them for 21 days, hardly moving for anything until she brings them to the point of hatching. Likewise, God covers us in our mothers’ wombs, hovering over us that we will be brought of the point of birth. The guy watches over His investments! He has had His eye on you for a long long time!

God was intentional about you. Everything about you is for a specific reason and the sooner you embrace YOU the better. For a while I desired to be two things I was not; one, I desired to have a lot more flesh on me. I wanted to be fat! That was because I grew up being scolded for being too small, my collar bones protruded painfully and it was said they would pass for a soap dish. In other words, you could place soap there and it wouldn’t fall. Therefore I really wanted to be fat so I stop going through all that shame from cutting comments. The second thing I wanted to be was talkative. Again, I was scolded for being too quiet, never speaking up, being fearful, and branded anti-social. I wished I could be like one of those bubbly chatty personalities who arrive in style into a room full of people and cause them to burst out into laughter with just one comment. No wonder I got married to Chris who on any gien day is not short of words! I probably was looking to compensate for what I did not have yet desired to have! But then, God made me fearfully and wonderfully! And His works, including you and I are MARVELOUS! There is no mistake about you.

The 4-process path in Embracing You:

Know YOU. Love YOU. Invest in YOU. Celebrate YOU.

Know YOU. I like to refer to myself as Kyomu, which is my maiden name because something about that name gets me directly in touch with deepest parts of me. So I would tell myself, “Know Kyomu!” What do you love? What is your story? What are your roots? How uniquely has God designed you?

Love YOU. When you have discovered YOU, go ahead and love YOU. Yekunde! Weyagale! Love YOU! Walk with your head high because you are special, uniquely designed, and there is only one YOU in the whole wide world. YOU are custom made!

Invest in YOU. Spend on YOU. Take time to enhance YOU spiritually, relationally, physically, intellectually, and intellectually. You need to view yourself as worth it.

Celebrate YOU. Take time to celebrate YOU. This looks differently for all if us but whatever you do, celebrate YOU.

Remember: # You have one life to live. Make it count!

Quit trying or wanting to be like someone else. You are unique, carefully designed, fearfully and wonderfully made. Embrace your YOU!


Author: lynnetknsubuga

Worship Leader. Prophet. Children's Advocate.

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